Health Services

  • Our Mission

    KCS Health Services professionals provide quality individualized healthcare utilizing assessment, collaboration, communication and compassionate care. We are committed to comprehensive and effective services that meet the culturally diverse and changing needs of students, staff and community. We believe through good health and a safe environment, every child can achieve their optimal potential.

    Our Vision

    School Health Services takes a leadership role to ensure that students achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. We collaborate with other disciplines, programs and agencies to integrate and improve services, develop policies and provide information about health issues and needs. School Health Services remain committed to providing all school-age children access to school heath services.

    Our Role
    • Identify and provide for the healthcare and emotional needs of our children and staff through immunization review, disease prevention and management, acute care, health education and awareness, parent and teacher education and community and professional collaboration.
    • Insure consistency in health related policies, services and programs system-wide.
    • Continuously advance our nursing education to provide case management throughout our system.
    • Collaborate with community resources to use system-wide.
    • Build healthy foundations for generations to come utilizing knowledge, dedication and compassion.
    • Provide a safe, healthy learning environment that incorporates the holistic approach for children, families, staff and communities.
    • Serve as advocates for the healthcare needs of students and staff, addressing their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs, promoting healthy lifestyles and preventative healthcare.
    • Keep students safe, healthy , informed and in school through case management, health education and direct care including acute and chronic services.
    • Serve as a referral source for needed health and safety services for school and staff.


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Health Services Contacts

  • Lisa Wagoner

    Lisa Wagoner

    Health Services Supervisor
    3rd Floor, 327
     (865) 594-3735/3643 Office
     (865) 594-3697 Fax

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