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  • Our ELL classes focus on communication and increasing proficiency in English. Teachers work closely with content teachers to provide our ELL students with greatest possible opportunity to achieve academic success.

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    Our department strives to support and educate all non-native English speakers to become fully proficient in English and to gain an understanding of U.S. cultures so that they can be successful citizens in our dynamic global society.


    Our department is comprised of outstanding ELL teachers! Our educators fulfill a wide variety of roles across the district, both at the school level and at the county-level as well. ELL teachers focus on providing relevant and high-quality instruction in all grade levels throughout the district. 


    The enrollment of English Language Learners [ELLs] in KCS has doubled within the last five years and continues to increase rapidly. Currently over 4,100 English Learners are attending KCS our schools in 2020-2021. They represent more than 100 countries and speak over 90 different langauges and dialects.
    We are fortunate to have dedicated teachers who share their expertise and professional experiences by participating in monthly ELL Professional Learning Community sessions, working on curriculum committees, leading high-quality professional learning opportunities, and much more! 
    The English as a Second Language [ESL] Department was created in Knox County Schools in 1980. At that time the sole ESL teacher in the district visited 21 schools to provide services to 176 non-native English students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The Department has experienced enormous growth and a myriad of changes since that time. In 2018 KCS created an International Welcome Center to assist non-English speaking families navegate the enrollment process with lanuage support. The Welcome Center is located at 535 Chickamauga Avenue, Knoxville.  Due to Covid-19 we are currently doing enrollments by appointment only.  If you need to make an appointment for to enroll a child, please call 865-594-1720.
    The increasing cultural and linguistic diversity of the student population in Knox County Schools offers unique opportunities for all educators in our district. The growing population of non-native English speakers also provides a wealth of potential learning experiences and interactions for all of our students. We strive to collaborate with all stakeholders in order to maximize the schooling experiences of our English Language Learners so that they experience academic success.

    The students who do not speak English as their first language represent a variety of backgrounds, home countries, native languages, and immigrant statuses. They are an essential part of the Knoxville community. Our fundamental challenge as educators is to leverage our resources and expertise to help maximize their success. It is through their schooling experiences that our English Language Learners acquire the cultural understanding and linguistic skills necessary to become productive citizens in our society. Whether born in the U.S. as citizens, resettled in Knoxville as refugees, adopted by loving families, or living here in other circumstances, all of the English Language Learners in KCS are our students and we have a commitment to care for and educate them. 


For ELL Teachers

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English Language Learners & World Languages

English Language Learners Staff

  • Jason Cantrell

    Title III Assistant
    Welcome Center
    535 Chickamauga Avenue
    Knoxville, TN  37917
    (865) 594-1760 Office

    Lisa Clark

    ELL Instructional Coach and Liaison
    Welcome Center
    535 Chickamauga Avenue
    Knoxville, TN  37917
    (865) 594-1745 Office