• Knox County Sees Gains
    In ACT Scores

    Posted by Josh Flory on 10/31/2018

    ACT scores for Knox County Schools are on the rise, according to data released on Wednesday by the state Department of Education.

    The average composite score for KCS students who graduated in 2018 was 21.4, the highest ranking achieved by the district since the ACT became a requirement, and an increase from a composite score of 21.1 the previous year.

    KCS ranked among the Top 15 districts in the state, and scored highest among the state’s four urban districts.

    Overall, Tennessee public school students earned an average composite score of 20.2 on the test, the highest-ever statewide score and an improvement from a score of 20.1 in 2017.

    In reporting its results, the Tennessee Department of Education used the best score achieved by a student, and not their most recent score. Tennessee is the only state that pays for students to take the ACT twice -- once in the spring of their junior year and a retake opportunity in the fall of their senior year.

    Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas said the district’s composite score for 2018 was a significant achievement.

    “It’s a tribute to all the hard work that our teachers, principals and students do on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “Our teachers work very hard to provide instruction for our students, and our students work very hard on the assignments they’re given. So I couldn’t be more pleased to see an increase for this year.”

    A total of 3,917 KCS students from the Class of 2018 took the ACT, with a participation rate of 99 percent. Of those students, 52.2 percent scored a 21 or higher, up from 51.1 percent in the previous year. A score of 21 or higher is necessary to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship.

    The mean ACT scores for the Class of 2018 increased at 8 of the district’s 16 high schools, and remained constant at another 4 high schools.

    The district’s mean composite ACT score has risen or remained constant in each of the last five years. For students in the Class of 2013, the district’s mean composite score was 20.2.