• Fulton Coach Gets Engaged...
    At Halftime

    Posted by Josh Flory on 9/12/2018

    Fulton soccer coach Christy Brown will always remember last month’s game against Harriman, and not just because her team won in a blowout.

    With the Lady Falcons leading 7-0 at halftime on Aug. 30, Brown was surprised to see her boyfriend walking across the field. As her team looked on, Darrell Hill got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

    “Of course I said yes,” Brown recalled. “But the whistle had already blown, so I was like ‘We’ve got to get back on the field.’”

    The halftime celebration was an explanation point for an eventual 9-0 win, in which six players scored goals and the mercy rule was invoked for the first time in Brown’s tenure. Afterward, the newly engaged couple took the team for a celebration dinner at Taco Bell.

    A video taken by a spectator captured the moment, and showed Falcons senior Zoe Poormon among the first to realize what was happening as Hill made his proposal.

    Later, Poormon said the team was getting ready to break their huddle when Hill pulled out the ring, and “I just went speechless and I ... started jumping up and down.”

    Fulton soccer coach Christy Brown displays her engagement ring
    Fulton soccer coach Christy Brown displays her engagement ring

    Brown is in her second year as head coach -- she was previously an assistant -- and said Fulton has gone through a process of transformation through developing good practice habits, working on conditioning in the spring and summer and spending time together off the field.

    The team has several players who are native Spanish speakers, and the coach said bus trips and practices have been a great opportunity for bonding with the team’s English-speaking players.

    While assistant coach Caitlin Seidler is the better Spanish speaker, Brown said she is learning the language, and that being able to joke with players in their first language has been helpful.

    “It’s been a great place for our Hispanic population to kind of plug in to Fulton and have a voice and have a place as well,” she said.

    The wedding is scheduled for next summer, and will mark a second chance for Brown and Hill, who were previously married.

    Their first wedding took place in 2001, but after the marriage ended they kept in touch. The relationship was rekindled a couple of years ago when Brown sent a message congratulating Hill on the birth of his granddaughter. She got his response while coaching the Falcons -- in a 2016 game against Harriman.

    In the two years since then, the couple had discussed getting re-married but Brown said she didn’t expect the halftime proposal, in part because her fiance is “more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy.”

    She said that Hill got a haircut and a new shirt for the occasion, and she loved the way things turned out.

    “It was really special having the girls there, because they really are like family.”