About Google Accounts

  • As an employee of Knox County Schools, you are provided with an Office365 Account containing email, cloud storage and more. This account supplies your official Knox County Schools email account. You are expected to use this account for your communications with other staff and parents. Students in a few select high schools have access to Office365 accounts and email.


    You and your students are provided with a Knox County School Google (G Suite for Education) account that consists of an unlimited Google Drive storage space including all the features for Google Drive. This account provides the ability to share files with students and other staff. This account not include a Gmail email account or access to Google Classrooms for students. It is expected that you will use this account for storing work files and sharing files with students. This account also integrates with Canvas. 


    GSuite accounts authenticate off Active Directory. This means that your active directory (email) password will work. The username is your email address. Students' usernames are s######@student.knoxschools.org with their active directory passwords. 

    You can log into your Google account on any Google site such as http://google.com  or http://drive.google.com.  You may need to reset your password if you are unable to log into your Google account. Passwords that have not be reset in the past two years need to be reset before your Google account will become active. To reset your password, go to the AD Password Manager found at http://passman.knoxschools.org. Students can reset their passwords there as well. Younger students may need help with setting up a question and answer profile. You may choose to use a standard password for young students. (Contact us at edtechliaisons@knoxschools.org for help) 


    KCS Ed Tech Liaisons

    Micki Daniel, Jasmine Floyd, Jill Lane, Cat Shoun


Google Drive and Canvas Connections

  • Google❤️ Canvas

    Google and Canvas work really well together. In order to link your Google Drive to Canvas, you must be logged into your Google Account on several levels. This page is to help you make the connect in the simplest way possible. Once the connection is made, it will stay! 

    If you are using KCS Chromebooks, you are already using a managed Google account and are logged into Chrome. Skip to step 3. 

    Below, you will find in order, the layers of connections to Google that you may have. If you use your KCS Google Drive for everything, you will have no problems. If you regularly use your personal Google account, please read the following chart carefully.

    Before you start, close all browsers (Safari and Firefox) except Chrome. 

    1. Google Drive App


      Google Drive in your toolbar

    The Google Drive app can and may be installed on your computer. Look in the upper right (next to the time on a MAC) and see if you see a Google Drive icon. If the icon is there, click to see which account is connected to your computer. If your personal account is connected, turn off the Google Drive app until after you have connected to Canvas. 

    If you would like help installing the Google Drive app to your computer, please contact your EDTech Liaison.

    2. Chrome Web Browser



     Chrome Settings menu

    Use the Chrome web browser. It tends to work best with Google Drive and G Suite accounts. Click the upper right corner of the Chrome browser to check and ensure you are logged into Chrome with your @knoxschools.org G Suite account. 

    Image of Google Account Attached correctly

    If you find your personal account listed, click the three vertical dots to find Settings. There you can log out of your personal account and log into your KCS account. Be sure to click Link Data

    You will want to keep Chrome logged into your KCS account permanently. 

    3. Google Account

    Two google accounts attached

    You will need to log out of any additional personal Gmail or Google accounts. Go to http://google.com and click on the icon in the upper right within the window. If you see any accounts such as in the example provided on the left, click on that account and log out. You will then need to log back into your KCS Google account. 

    You can add your personal account back after you have connected to Canvas and switch back and forth between the two accounts here. This is the easiest way to use two accounts. You can actually switch back and forth easily simply by using the Google.com page as your home for all your Google Accounts.

    4. Link to Canvas

    Canvas logo and Navigation Menu




    Authorized Google Drive:

    Authorized Google Drive

    Once you have carefully followed all the steps above and you are sure that you are only logged into Google with your KCS account, you are ready to attach your Google Drive to Canvas

    Log into Canvas at http://knoxschools.instructure.com 

    Go to any course on your dashboard. Once in the course, look down on the lower right of the white vertical navigation. Click on Google Drive. 

    You will receive the message to Log in.

    How to Authorize


    If you receive a message that your Google Drive failed to authorize, try to authorize a second time. If it still fails....Follow directions on the right. 

    Disconnect your Canvas account from Google!

    Canvas Account Image

    In the left Gray Menu, click on Account.

    Click on Settings.

    Scroll down the page to find the Google LTI connection. Throw it in the Trash by clicking on the Trash can. 

    Approved Integration Image

    Disconnect Your Google Account from Canvas!

    Two google accounts attached

    Go to http://google.com

    Find your Account listed in the upper right and click on My Account. There, under Sign-in & Security, click on Connected apps & sites.

    Click on Connected Apps and Sites Click Manage Apps

    Click on Manage Apps

    Click on Canvas and then click REMOVE.

    Click on Canvas


    Repeat all the steps above! If you have checked everything, and you are sure there are no personal Gmail accounts attached to your account, contact Your EDTech Liaison, Micki Daniel, micki.daniel@knoxschools.org , Helen Agee, helen.agee@knoxschools.org or Audrey Hurst, audrey.hurst@knoxschools.org


Correcting Google and Canvas Connections