Project Lead The Way: Intro to Computer Sciencepltw

    This initiative is focused on bringing Computer Science content and concepts to the Middle School level. This is done through the use of the nationally recognized and utilized delivery model, Project Lead The Way. The content focuses on processes and the basics of logic delivered through online platforms and hands-on projects. Students learn the content, investigate the concepts further, apply the information in a project-based method, and transfer the knowledge to future work.



    code CODE TN

    This is a competition between teams from local schools, with the help of a TechPro and advisor, to plan, design, and code a web application. The process must be completed within a six month timeframe. Schools are allowed to have multiple teams in the competition. The winning team receives $5000 for their school. The founder of this event is the Great Schools Partnership.


    If you have any question regarding PLTW or Code TN, please contact Chris Tucker at chris.tucker@knoxschools.org.


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