• Industry Certifications

    The Knox County Schools Department of Career and Technical Education’s belief is that every Knox County student should graduate high school fully Industry Certs prepared and focused on post-secondary coursework and therefore meeting the qualifications for quality employment. In order to do this, high school students are encouraged to focus their elective credits on rigorous, career and post-secondary aligned learning pathways. Students who have a clear focus in Career and Technical Education, through one of the programs of study promoted within the Knox County Schools, should conclude the program with at least one nationally recognized industry certification(s), multiple work based learning experiences, and/or attainment of post-secondary credit hours through one of KCS early post-secondary opportunities. All department promoted certifications are aligned with post-secondary and employment opportunities and with the competencies and skill sets that students should have acquired through their chosen programs of study.

    For any questions regarding industry certifications, please contact Steve Huettel at steve.huettel@knoxschools.org.

    Teacher Guide:

    This linked document outlines the criteria used by the department to identify aligned Tennessee Department of Education approved industry certifications within a pathway of study and/or career cluster, payment procedures per industry certification, descriptions of certification scholarship possibilities, student applications, teacher processes and procedures, and recommendation documents.

    Teacher Guide

    Approved Industry Certifications:

    It is important to note that the listing in the teacher guide is not an exhaustive list of every industry certification available to students in the state, but rather a list of certifications specifically tied to CTE courses within the Knox County Schools and programs of study which can serve as capstone experiences.

    NCCER – Industry Certification:

    NCCER The CTE Foundation is an international accrediting NCCER Sponsor.  With this accreditation, the foundation awards industry certifications in core, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sheet metal, pipe fitting, and industrial maintenance.  These certifications are recognized worldly.

    Contact person for these specific certifications: Buck Coatney (buck.coatney@knoxschools.org)