• CTE-ELA/Math-Cohort

    In 2015-2016 The Knox County Schools, in collaboration with the KCS Office of Career and Technical Education and the KCS Office of Innovation, embarked on a new and innovative partnership that would bridge the gap between Career and Technical Education and the academic core. Automotive and Structural Systems instructors at selected KCS high schools collaborated with English and Math teachers in their school to not only comprise lesson plans, but co-teach these plans across a six month study. We were excited about the integrated lesson plans...but more than that, the district was excited for the first group to work through a process by which they collaborated with each other.

    In 2016-2017, the Knox County Schools’ aim was to expand our project by adding teachers from the Business, Health Science, and Cosmetology programs of study. This work was continued in the 2017-18 school year.

    At this point, all lesson plans that were developed collaboratively by this cohort are available to all teachers in Knox County via this Google Site.

    For any questions regarding the CTE-ELA/Math-Cohort please contact JD Faulconer at john.faulconer@knoxschools.org.