• Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

    What is it?:  An 18-week (semester) educator-driven cycle of inquiry (see graphic below) that will allow the educator to explore solutions to his/her problems of practice through a cycle of goal-setting, action-planning, individual learning, application with students, and reflection. Participants will document their goal and action-plan, and make periodic submissions of classroom artifacts to demonstrate the impact of learning on their practice.  Participants may work individually or with other educators collaboratively within and across campuses to address common instructional needs. Participants will earn 4 unscehduled in-service hours for completing a semester-long PLP.  

    Why?:  The Personal Learning Plan will allow teacher learning to be more self-paced, more self-designed, and highly connected to the work they do on a daily basis, increasing the relevance for teachers.  The professional growth and development of teachers engaged in a PLP cycle will be demonstrated by real-time classroom artifacts they choose and through personal reflections they submit. 

    How do I participate?:  Teachers wishing to participate will be enrolled in a Canvas Course facilitated at the school level that will provide them with a space to document their process throughout the PLP cycle.  To find out more, talk with your school administrator or contact Dr. Keith Wilson, Director of Professional Learning. 




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