• Personal Learning 

    While District Learning Days give us a formal opportunity to learn together, Unscheduled in-service hours give educators the chance to pursue the learning opportunties that mean the most to them individually.  Most certified educators are required to earn 12 unscheduled in-service hours each year. The district is committed to increasing educators' access to relevant learning opportunities that support their individual goals and needs.  This will include expanding district methods for engaging educators in professional learning and developing protocols that help educators demonstrate outcomes from less structured and/or personally designed learning activities.  Hours can still be acquired through more traditional activities like after-school professional development sessions, educator conferences, and other approved PD activities.

    Based upon the work of the PD Redesign committee, and to increase access to relevant professional learning experiences two new initiatives will be available this year, the KCS Personal Learning Plan and Educator Micro-Credentials.  Click to learn more.