• Become a Substitute

  • Substitutes are an integral part of our teaching and learning community. We appreciate your desire to become a substitute. Please use the information below to begin the substitute hiring process.


    Substitute Work Requirement - Substitutes are required to work 30 full days per school year (2 half days = 1 full day) to remain active on the substitute list.  Please keep this requirement in mind as you decide about moving forward through the substitute hiring process.

      Substitute Application Process

        1. Complete the online application below

          » Online Application

          • Applicants must submit three professional references with valid email addresses
          • Two of the three references must respond favorably to the emailed questionnaire

        2. Instructions for registering for the in-person substitute training will accompany the onboarding process.

        3. Please click the link below once your online application is complete and you are ready to receive an email with your next steps for employment.
          New Hire Paperwork will be emailed out beginning July 1st and every Monday and Wednesday thereafter.  Once you receive your email you will have 48 hours to complete your drug testing requirements.  You must be present within the Knoxville area to complete your drug test.

          » Substitute Onboarding Registration

        4. Please download and review the Substitute Handbook. (Instructions for acknowledgements will accompany the onboarding process.)  The handbook may be found in the Quick Links section.

        5. Drug Screening Requirements:*^
          • Must submit to a drug screening within 48 hours of receiving your time-stamped document.
          • Your cost is $58.00
          • We do not accept pre-employment screening results from other agencies.
          • ^ If you were an intern with KCS the previous term, do not complete the drug screening phase of the pre-screening, however, fingerprinting is required.

        6. Fingerprinting Requirements:*^
          • Fingerprinting does not have a time constraint, however, your substitute application will remain incomplete until this step is complete.
          • Your cost for the fingerprint screening is $39.15.
          • We do not accept fingerprint screening results from other agencies, this includes cardstock fingerprint cards.
          • ^ If you were an intern with KCS the previous term, do not complete the drug screening phase of the pre-screening, however, fingerprinting is required.

        7. After completion of the online onboarding and all pre-employment screenings have cleared, you will receive an email notifying you of your employment status.

        When all of the above steps have been completed, you will receive two emails from the Frontline absence management system. The first email will be an invitation to set up your Frontline account. The second email will be your welcome letter. Once you receive your welcome letter, you are ready to start accepting substitute positions. Please allow 2-3 weeks for paperwork processing.

        For questions regarding the application process, please call (865) 594-1929 or email teresa.rose@knoxschools.org.