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Building in Stages

  • It is very rare to find a school that can afford to start with the installation of a completely built out TV studio. We've consistently found that most schools across the US have started with just the basics and then over time have added to their capabilities. Below, we have listed the 'Stages' we are recommending your school to consider when planning your installation.
    NOTE: The costs listed here were correct as of February 2016. They are posted here only as an approximation of expected cost and are subject to change. 
     STAGE 1
    Install the digital distribution system, to replace your outdated analog Blonder Tongue unit. (To be honest, most will want to do Stage 1 and Stage 2 or 3 or both when they do stage 1.)
     STAGE 2
    Install a camera capable of producing an HDMI output, along with a tripod and HDMI cable.
     For one camera: $300 to $500
    For two cameras: $600 to 1,000 
     STAGE 3
    Add a computer running PowerPoint to your system to have a message/bulletin board running throughout the school day. 
    $675 to 1,250
    $570 to $900
    for each location a display is needed
    STAGE 4
    Add an audio mixer board to allow you to have multiple microphones. This will also allow you to place the microphone closer to the person(s) speaking, improving the sound quality of your broadcast.
     $250 to $425
     STAGE 5
    Add a video mixer to the TV studio to allow easier switching between multiple cameras. This adds multiple transitions beyond a simple 'cut' to keep you audience engaged. It also contains the technology required to accomplish the use of green screens (think TV weather). It also allows you to go beyond the two camera limitation of the Extron Streaming Media Processor.
     $1,800 to $3,350
    for a variety of options