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TV Studio With Sound Upgrade

  • Using the built-in microphone of the camera to capture the audio for your broadcast works, but it is not the best option. Sometimes your speaker(s) don't speak loud enough for the camera mic to pick them up at a consistent or uniform level. Or, sometimes other sounds in the room are picked up. There's nothing as distracting as starting a moment of silence only to hear that the auto sensing camera mic has amplified the hum of an electric fan motor or other ambient noises in the room.
    To help overcome this problem, you can upgrade your studio by adding an audio mixer. This will allow you to place a microphone closer to the announcer. Plus you can add additional microphones for multiple speakers in your broadcast. The output of the audio mixer should be plugged into the external microphone jack of your camera. (Make sure any cameras purchased have this feature.)
    PLEASE NOTE: If you had chosen to use two cameras plugged directly into the Extron unit, you are going to have a problem using what is suggested on this page. Here's why. The HDMI cable from the cameras carry both video and audio signals. When camera #1 is live in the Extron unit, the sound going out of the unit is coming from the microphone of camera #1. When you select camera #2 to be the live feed for the Extron, the sound source switches to the microphone of camera #2. The audio mixer discussed here can only be connected to the external microphone jack of just one of the cameras. Let's say you have it in camera #1's jack. When you select camera #2 to be live, the sound you hear is from camera #2's builtin microphone. The audio from the mixer is gone, until you make camera #1 live again.
    The picture graphic below shows how you can connect an audio mixer to the external microphone jack on your camera.
    Sound Upgrade  
    Click Here to see the above graphic in a larger view.

Requirements and Cost

  • NOTE: The costs listed here were correct as of February 2016. They are posted here only as an approximation of expected cost and are subject to change.
    Peavey PV6BT
    Peavey PV6BT
    $145 to $199 
    There are several other Audio mixer boards configured with both less and more input ports. All with different price points. But this Peavey PV6BT model should hit the 'sweet spot' for most school TV studio applications. There is another Peavey model, PV6, that looks just like this PV6BT model and sells for about $40 less. However the PV6BT has BlueTooth connectivity. That means you can wirelessly connect a computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone and other BlueTooth devices and mix their audio output (music) with your audio signal going out from your TV studio.
    Any Brand Headphones
    $19 to $40 
    Any brand of headphones or even earbuds will work. They will be needed to monitor the mix level of the different audio inputs you've got connected to your mixer board.
     XLR Microphone
    $20 to $50
    XLR microphones will cost a little more. But because they have a third ground wire, they are not likely to pick up any 'electrical hum' from other devices in the TV studio. 
     Mic Stand
    Microphone Stand
    $9 to $25 
    A good placement of the microphones for your announcers is on the anchor desk. You'll be wise to invest in a good heavy bottomed stand that is adjustable. (Since students tend to come in various heights!)
     Microphone Clip
    Microphone Clip
    $5 to $8 
    Caution! Some microphone stands are sold with the microphone clip included, but most do not. So when you think you've found the cheapest price on a stand, don't forget to check to see if the microphone clip is included in the purchase.
     XLR Cable
    20 or 25 ft. XLR Cable
    $10 to $40
    You will need to purchase XLR cables for your XLR microphones. The length you'll need will depend upon the placement of your microphone in relation to the audio mixer.
     Microphone and Cable
    Nady SP-4C Mic & Cable
    $16 to $25 
    If you plan to have more than two microphones, you need to remember the Peavey PV6BR only has two inputs that can accept XLR microphone cables. The additional input ports require a 1/4 inch audio plug. The Nady SP-4C is an XLR microphone that includes the 1/4 inch adaptor.
    Audio Cable  
     3.5mm male to Dual 1/4-inch male Y-Adapter
    $7 to $30 
    This adapter and cable is used to connect the output of the audio mixer to the external microphone jack on the camera. The wide price range is due to the configuration and length of cable you might need in your TV studio.

The Total Cost

    Add at least two microphones, stands, cables, and an audio mixer 
     $250 to $425*
    NOTE: The costs listed here were correct as of February 2016. They are posted here only as an approximation of expected cost and are subject to change.