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The Digital Distribution System

  • There are several different options on the market for broadcasting a digital TV signal to your viewers. Some allow you to stream a signal to the internet and then down to your viewers, and some of them are even free (YouTube). But a school announcement broadcast shouldn't be out on the web for all to view. There are a variety of manufactures of standalone units that can be placed on your school's network, thus becoming a closed in-house broadcast. But you must have a system that works with the KCS network configuration. After careful evaluation our IT folks are recommending the Extron SMP-351 Streaming Media Processor.
    The picture graphic below shows an overview of how the Exron unit can be used on the KCS network. Notice that on the rear of the unit there is an ethernet port that connects it to your school's network. There are multiple video input ports, but they will be discussed on other webpages. (Check out the 'TV Studio...' links in the left navigation.) In the classroom, the VLC client software must be installed on a computer connected to the projector or flat screen TV. If the classroom is equipped with the 4th generation Apple TV, there is a VLC app that can be installed onto the Apple TV.
    Distribution System
    Click Here to see the above graphic in a larger view.

Requirements and Cost

  • NOTE: The costs listed here were correct as of February 2016. They are posted here only as an approximation of expected cost and are subject to change.
     Extrom SMP-351
     Extron SMP-351
    The ExtronSMP-351 has been tested on the KCS network. Currently it is the only approved streaming media processor for KCS.
     VLC Logo
     VLC Media Player
    client software
    $0 (free) 
    There is a version of the VLC software for Mac, Windows, and Apple TV (4th generation). Click here to check the Mac download website, or here to check the Windows download.