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Transitioning From Analog to Digital

  • For many years now, Knox County Schools have had the ability to use their closed-circuit TV equipment to broadcast their morning announcements. Some have gone beyond just the announcements and have added news stories to spotlight school events, student achievements, community history, and even school staff. Some schools have also used their system to run a bulletin/message board on TVs mounted in pubic areas such as the school entrance, school lunchrooms, and at various locations in the halls. Why have schools invested time and money for these? Because morning announcements are a proven way to set the tone for the day and build morale and a sense of school "community." Also when students are allowed to help run the TV studio, the school provides the students a wide variety of learning opportunities and fosters student interest into listening to the morning announcements when they know that their peers are doing the presentation.
    The closed-circuit TV equipment, made by Blonder Tongue, is getting old and outdated. The Blonder Tongue equipment uses an analog signal, but today everything is using a digital signal. Just like oil and water, analog and digital don't mix well. So when a part of the system 'breaks' we can't find analog parts to make the repair. Thus schools are faced with replacing their entire old analog system with a new digital one. The question then becomes, "What is best way to go digital and how much is going to cost?"
    Those are the questions we are going to try to answer in the links you see listed on the left. After reviewing them, if you have any questions please email kcsEdTech@knoxschools.org.