Project Based Learning


KCS Strategic Plan and PBL

  • Why is Knox County using PBL?

    In order to support our students as global learners, Knox County Schools has adopted Project Based Learning as part of our strategic plan. We have an educational goal of Excellence for Every Child, and we believe that by implementing PBL in our schools that goal will be reached.
    How is PBL being developed KCS?
    Through Project Based Learning, we seek to develop students' key knowledge, understanding, and success skills while utilizing inquiry and access to technology.  Teachers across the district have participated in various training opportunities including an 18-hour introductory course, an online self-paced course, a 6-hour extension course, and numerous 1-hour protocol planning and implementation sessions.
    What is the result of PBL in KCS? 
    PBL supports the student-driven learning experiences that we design, plan, and implement as part of our Personalized Learning initiative.  Students participating in Project Based Learning describe a deeper understanding of the content and make connections to other contents and the real world.