QuEST-KCS Distance Learning

QuEST - Distance Learning Program

  • Thank you for visiting the KCS QuEST Page. With the KCS Reopening Plan for fall 2020, we are extending the reach of this program. Now with QuEST there will be two components. The plan is for this program to continue to evolve over time to meet the needs of our students. 

    1) QuEST Virtual

    For all students who are selecting the virtual option for learning for the Fall of 2020, they must register by July 22, 2020. Students who elect to enroll in the Virtual Learning Program will be committed to this option for the entire semester. The Virtual Learning Program will be evaluated at the school and district level to meet student course requests. The Virtual Learning Program will closely align with the requirements of an on-campus classroom and will include instruction on new material, graded assignments, and testing. While this program will not be able to offer all course options available at our traditional schools, all students will remain on track for progress to the next grade and for graduation. The delivery method for these courses will be both asynchronous (on your own time) and synchronous (live virtual instruction). Additional information can be found on our KCS Connect Page, located here

    2) QuEST Traditional

    This portion of the program remains similar to the courses we have offered at the high school level. The goal of this program is to give students access to classes that they otherwise might not be able to take. The main delivery method for these courses is asynchronous via our learning management system Canvas. Counselors at a high school will work with students to identify if this track will work for students. All teachers of these courses will not be from a students base school. For the 2020-2021 school year, we are offering twenty-four asynchronous courses (please see catalog below). We hope to continue growing each year to give many more opportunities for our KCS students.

QuEST Contacts


    K-5 Elementary QuEST:

    please call 865-622-3902


    6-12 Middle and High QuEST:

    please call 865-622-3902 X41351


    Theresa Nixon

    Director of Educational Technology 
    Sarah Simpson Building
    801 Tipton Avenue 
    (865) 579-8264 extension 50204