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  • Draft Strategic Plan Passes On 1st Reading

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 7/3/2014
    We are excited that the Board of Education voted 8-1 to approve the district's next five-year strategic plan last night on its first reading.  This officially kicks off a month-long public comment period where we encourage all of our stakeholders to take a look at the plan and provide us their feedback. We'll be diligently working over the next month to make the necessary revisions to ensure that the final version is truly reflective of our community's vision and future priorities.
    To make the plan's contents as accessible as possible, we offer you a few different versions - each representing a different level of detail.
    Most basic: an overarching graphic that illustrates our overarching strategy
    Medium detail: a 4-page Executive Summary that discusses each goal in detail, as well as what we mean by a "Culture of Excellence." You can also see the performance targets with each goal.
    Most detailed: the full document, nearly 50 pages, which is detailed and includes projections for each performance target.
    Please send your feedback directly to
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  • Virtual Town Hall - Tomorrow at 6:00pm

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 4/28/2014
    We want to invite all of you to our Virtual Town Hall tomorrow, 4/29, at 6:00pm! This will be a "first" for the Knox County Schools and we're excited about leveraging the powers of technology to convene our stakeholders for the purpose of sharing our latest thinking on our next five-year strategic plan.
    Here are the details:
    1. Interested participants can log in at:  (attendance is limited to the first 200 participants!)
    2. You will then have the option of hearing the presentation through 1) your computer speakers - this is a free option; or 2) by dialing in to 213-416-1560 wit Access Code: 483 0081- phone charges will apply based on your phone carrier
    3. Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of Schools, will walk participants through the draft contents of the strategic plan.
    4. There will be plenty of time for questions at the end as participants can "chat" in their questions directly to the superintendent
    For anyone who can't attend, we'll be recording the meeting to post it on our website.  Hope to (virtually!) see you there!
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  • Gearing up...

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 3/25/2014
    Don't let our quietness these past few months fool you - we've been busy working! We've got a strategic plan draft that we're excited to share with all of you in the next few weeks.  So stay tuned!
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  • Emerging Themes - latest version

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 1/27/2014
    After our KCS Leadership Team took a crack at it and a few more minor edits were made, we're happy to share with you the latest version of the Strategic Plan v2 Emerging Themes that were emailed out to all KCS staff earlier this month.
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  • Next Steps....

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 11/22/2013
    Thanks to all who came out last night to our final Feedback Session at Bearden HS. We got some excellent feedback that we'll be incorporating into the emerging themes!
    Many folks have asked...Now What?
    We're still busy compiling all of the insights we've received these past two months.  We want to make sure that not only is every insight read but recorded through the coding software that we're using ( for all of your techies out there).  Eventually we'll be able to offer some quantitative analysis about the frequency of all of our insights.
    This information will help us begin drafting a strategic plan in the next few months. We'll be back in touch then to get even more feedback from all of KCS's valuable stakeholders.  But continue to check back in with us (either through this website or on twitter: @knoxschools2020) for all the latest updates!
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  • Knox Schools 2020 Themes Posted

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 11/17/2013
    Even though we're still compiling all of the insights from our stakeholders (in particular, the paper surveys that are still coming in), we would like to offer the preliminary themes that have emerged from our 8 feedback sessions, the nearly 2 dozen Chatter Boxes we've conducted, and the 1,100 people who have completed the electronic survey. You can find our Knox Schools 2020 Emerging Themes here.  If you have reactions or questions, please attend our final public Feedback Session at Bearden HS from 6:00 - 7:30 this Thursday, 11/21.  
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  • Updated Insights Posted

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 11/17/2013
    On our website, you can now see:
    1.  Insights from the two Teacher-Only Insight Sessions that were held last week at Cedar Bluff Elementary School and Ritta Elementary School.  Because these meetings were not open to the public and specifically held for teachers, you will find their insights under the "Staff Insights" on our Chatter Box page.
    2.  Additionally, we have updated the Chatter Box insights with new student and parent insights.
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  • Survey Reopened for 48 hours

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 11/13/2013
    Since we added two additional Teacher-Only Insight Sessions (last night and this evening), we wanted to re-open the survey until we officially closed all Insight Sessions.
    So if you haven't shared your vision, be sure to do so in the next two days!
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  • 75 Teachers at Cedar Bluff Insight Session

    Posted by JUSTIN JOHNSON on 11/13/2013
    We had a great turnout last night at Cedar Bluff ES for our first of two "Teacher-Only Insight Sessions." The insights will be posted in the next 48 hours under "Staff Insights" here.
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  • Insights from Halls ES Posted

    Posted by Morgan Camu on 10/30/2013
    Our insight Session at Halls proved to be the biggest - as over 300 people came out to share their visions - so take a look at what they came up with!
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