• General:
    What is Knox Schools 2020?: Knox Schools 2020 is the development process for the next five-year Strategic Plan for Knox County Schools. It aims to be a transparent, inclusive and visionary process for all vested stakeholders to share their visions for our school system.
    What type of input are you looking for from stakeholders? We’re sincerely interested in hearing any feedback that you might want to provide regarding Knox County Schools. We want our Knox Schools 2020 to accurately reflect the wishes of our community and as a result, we are asking you to help us uncover: What’s good? What’s not? and What’s next?
    What are some ways that I can provide input? We want to make it as easy as possible for stakeholders to be involved in Knox Schools 2020. As a result, we’ve create several options that include Insight Sessions, surveys, and focus groups.
    Insight and Feedback Sessions:
    What are Insight Sessions? Insight Sessions arose from our desire to create a fresh new take on Community Meetings. We have restructured them to be more informal, more interactive, and largely small-group based. Also, they’re fun! We’ll be showcasing our talented students at each Insight Session through student performances. You can find the dates and locations of all our Insight Sessions here.
    Who will be running the Insight Sessions? In order to solicit as much community involvement as possible, our Insight Sessions will be facilitated by community leaders and our own KCS staff.
    What are Feedback Sessions? These are opportunities for us to check back in with our stakeholders to report back what we heard during our six Insight Sessions. It’s important to us that we accurately capture your input and welcome your reactions at these sessions. You can find the dates and locations of our two Feedback Sessions here.
    I love your logo, who made it? The talented Suzanne Rodger who teaches Business at South-Doyle High School and also serves as the school’s Yearbook Advisor.

    I have additional questions and/or concerns, who should I contact? You can reach us, day or night, at our email address: knoxschools2020@knoxschools.org and we promise to respond within 24 business hours. Also, follow our latest developments on Twitter @knoxschools2020