Strategic Plan

  • Over the fall, we heard from thousands of you regarding the future of Knox County Schools. We were absolutely blown away and humbled by your levels of participation and commitment to making our school district even better so that every child in our community can receive a truly excellent education. We have poured over your feedback, analyzed it, and incorporated it into our latest draft of our Five-Year Strategic Plan.

    To ensure that it is reflective of our diverse community, we want to once again reach out to solicit your feedback. We have created videos that outline each goal of our next strategic plan that discuss: 1) what the goal means and 2) what some of the actions we, as a district and a community, may take to achieve them. The videos are quick (less than 3 minutes) and are accompanied by an anonymous electronic survey. Also, you have the option of downloading the presentation.

    We invite to take a few minutes at your leisure to watch our videos and give us your feedback. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing us at