High School Grading Scale

  • CALCULATION OF GPA (Grade Point Average): For purposes of communicating with college admission offices and scholarship granting agencies, and for determining honor graduates (valedictorian and salutatorian), ALL high school course work, with the exception of pass/fail courses, will be calculated in the GPA according to the KCS scale.

    WEIGHTED GRADES: For Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement (A.P.), and International Baccalaureate (I.B) courses, teachers will add five (5) points to each grading period grade. For Honors and courses resulting in national industry certification, teachers will add three (3) points to the final grade.

    FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS: the cumulative GPA on the transcript for transferred credits and grades will be used without any recalculation except that Honors, DE, AP, IB courses will be recalculated to match the KCS scale.

    LOTTERY/HOPE SCHOLARSHIP: State law requires that students applying for lottery scholarships and other state scholarship funds be evaluated utilizing the State’s uniform grading scale. A separate transcript with grade calculations based on the Uniform Grading Policy will be submitted to TSAC for Lottery/Hope Scholarship eligibility. Only the KCS grading scale shall be used for all other official purposes including report cards, GPA, honor roll, etc.

    The KCS grading legend is aligned with the State Board of Education Tennessee Uniform Grading Scale. Additional points for Honor, AP, and IB courses will be awarded as follows:
    Weighting for
    Honor Courses
    and National 
    Weighting for Advanced Placement,
    International Baccalaureate and
    Cambridge Courses 
    Shall include
    the addition
    of 3 points to
    the final grade 
    Shall include the addition of
    5 points to the final grade 
    KCS courses that are Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment or, International Baccalaureate will be awarded five (5) additional points. In computing numerical grades for AP, IB and/or Dual Enrollment courses that meet the prescribed standards, five (5) points shall be added to the semester final grade. In computing the numerical grades for Honor courses, three (3) additional points shall be added to each nine-week grade.

    In the event that a teacher needs to make a grade change, KCS Policy states that only that teacher may make the change. If the teacher is not available to make the change the principal may, after validation from a teacher’s roll book or record, make the necessary grade change.

    The following must be followed:
    • The student or parent requesting the change may request a grade change form from the registrar or counselor.
    • The student or parent will complete the grade change form and return it to the registrar or counselor.
    • The registrar or counselor will forward the grade change form to the appropriate teacher.
    • The teacher completes the grade change form.
    • The teacher must personally return the grade change form to the registrar or to the student’s counselor. The grade change form will only be accepted from the appropriate teacher; it will not be accepted from a student.
    • The principal will review the grade change form and either approve or deny the request for the grade change.
    • If approved, the grade change will be entered into the computer by the registrar who will then place the grade change form in the student’s cumulative record.