Go to your email to get funds? What do I do now?

    • You have decided to purchase a few apps for  your school. Not a bunch, just a few and you don't really need to use device managment.
    • You have ordered an ASVPP card
    • You have just received an email from John Dendrinos telling you that your funds are ready to be used. It will look like this:
    RE: Title I Order
    SuchnSuch Elem = $200.00
    See below for your Apple Voucher order and attached for instructions.
    An email will be sent directly to: asvpp.suchnsuch@knoxschools.org with the code.
    Let me know if you need anything further.
    You are thinking... so what do I do now? I can't get to the email for that account!!

Using Your Volume Voucher

  • To make traditional purchases:

    Login using your volume purchase account credentials.

    1. Search for the specific app you wish to purchase.
    2. Click on the app and put in the number of apps you wish to purchase (Remember you must purchase one app for each device and you get ½ price on apps when you purchase more than 20 at a time.)
    3. Once you click on purchase, you will see a processing link. When the processing link turns into a download link, you can then download the excel sheet to see your redeem codes and links. The site may say that you will receive and email with codes but you will need to download the codes. You cannot retrieve email sent to this account.


    Saving your Redeem Codes:

    Save your Original ASVP Purchase receipts!
    • Make a new storage folder on your computer named Apple Volume Purchase.
    • Inside that folder, create two new folders
    a. Original Volume Purchase Sheets
    b. Distribution Volume Purchase Sheets
    • Store the original downloads in the folder Original Volume Purchase Sheets.
    • Open each original document and click File> Save As…
    • Save As the name of the file with distribution added to the title and save into the folder Distribution Volume Purchase Sheets.
    • On the Distribution sheet, add a new column at the end of the columns
    • Type in the names of the people (or the names of the specific iPads that will be receiving the redeem code for installation) into the new column. Remember that there is one redeem code for each person or iPad/iPod/iPhone.


    Redeeming Codes from the List

    When KCS checks out a device to a person, we will be calling that person “the owner” of the device. (iPad/iPod)

    • Instructions for those with email installed on their devices:
    • Copy and paste the redeem code and enclosed link into an email
    • Address the email to the person who will be putting the app on their device.
    • Send the email with instructions to click on the link in the email.
    • Once the recipient clicks on the link, the device will go to the app store and begin to download the app.
    • The owner of the device will need to know his or her own iTunes username and password or use the XXX.mobile@knoxschools.org account to install the app.

    Instructions for those who are using a group Apple Account:
    Example XXX.mobile@knoxschools.org

    • Go to the App store on the device
    • Type in the redeem code from the sheet.
    • Check the other iPads in the group to see if the app is installing or appearing in the purchased app section of the store.
    • If yes, download the app to the other devices and mark off the codes on the distribution list as if it has been redeemed.
    • Redeem one code on one device whenever possible but when it is not, record the code as being used regardless.