Why You Should Update Your Profile Picture

  • You Need to Add Your Picture to Your Profile!
    The Knox County Schools Canvas site controls access by using student and staff Active Directory username and passwords. Due to this fact, most all of your profile information is auto-entered for you. But this makes it impossible for you to change most all data on your Canvas profile. One exception is your picture.
    You should add your picture to your profile. Being able to see who you are communicating with in the class, is a tremendous help in the communication process. But of course, if you're like 99% of folks, right now your thinking, "No way do I want my picture posted for everyone to see!" That's OK to feel that way, most of us have felt the same. Let's face it, who hasn't been shocked, flabbergasted, astonished at seeing a picture of ourselves . What we see doesn't appear exactly the way we thought it should. Again this is normal. So when we say "I don't want my picture posted", actually we fear that others will also fine our picture to be less than prefect. This is irrational thought. Remember this, when you see a picture of another person, unless that person is making a funny face or doing something odd, you don't have much of a reaction to it because they look exactly the way you expect. Guess what, when all those folks see your picture, they have the same non reaction. It looks actually the way you are. So, unless you have a face that makes little children cry and your own mother denies, you don't have anything to fear!

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