• Assistive Technology

  • Knox County Schools provides a range of technical support and professional learning services to school personnel and their students, through the Assistive Technology Department.

    These services are directed toward:

    1. Enhancing student achievement by providing access to appropriate assistive technology devices and services, and
    2. Improving instruction by increasing educator knowledge of assistive technology devices and services

    Knox County Schools Assistive Technology Specialists support the use of assistive technology by:

    1. Participating in IEP team and 504 committee meetings,
    2. Consulting with teachers and parents,
    3. Assessing student needs - directly and indirectly,
    4. Teaching and modeling the implementation of new technology
    5. Teaching professional learning courses, and
    6. Providing a device loan program to students for extended trial use periods.

      AT Referral

      • In order to make the AT referral process more efficient, we have created a step by step tool that will provide a more comprehensive understanding of your student's area(s) of concern and strategies that can be used to support them. 

        Step 1: When should an AT referral be considered?
        The IEP team may consider an AT referral when:
        • Expected progress on IEP goals isn't occurring despite thoughtful and targeted instruction over time, or 
        • The team questions whether a particular AT tool could be used as a compensation for a missing skill or ability, or
        • The team questions whether a particular AT tool or strategy could make a significant difference in student performance.
        When is AT appropriate
        Organization Supports:  
        Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the SETT Framework. Then, click the link to find supporting strategies to trial with your student.
        The SETT Framework Flow Chart
        Step 3:  If you have implemented strategies for the area of deficit and the student continues not to make adequate progress toward goals/objectives, please click the link below to complete a formal Assistive Technology Referral.

      AT Training Request