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    Our girls are tough and serious players. 
    Challenge us at your own peril!!
    The rest of you come out and watch us play!


  • CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR LADY BRUINS 2023-2024             



    Our girls worked hard all summer. We have a great group of talented ladies, and I am excited to announce our decisions for Varsity and Junior Varsity. I've greatly enjoyed working on building our skills this summer, and I'm excited to see how our season elevates our game. Best of luck! Coach R


    Junior Varsity:

    Red Team

    Junior Varsity:

    Blue Team

    Lucie Collett

    Ella Harper

    Paige Bennett

    Claire Davenport

    Grace King

    Marcela Estrada

    Kaelyn Graham

    Grace Lawhorn

    Ellie Gillan

    Ingrid Lopez

    Kennan Martin

    Mathilda Hawkins

    McKinley Mikles

    Eliza Mummy

    Lucy Hughes

    Ivy Miller

    Naomi Pierce

    Brightly Jordan

    Maddie Moore

    Samantha Smith

    Maggie McNalley

    Kelsey Ramirez

    Lydia Schmidt

    Rory Riggs

    Peyton Smith

    Lilly Shipe

    Maya Sadvornik

    Izzy Woods

    Cherish Whitmore

    Sarah Wheat

Season Schedule

  • Parent and Player Commitments

    1. Please be aware that games usually take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and some weekends. Parents are responsible for getting their daughter to all games or making arrangements for their transportation, which are played off campus at K2 or another location, if there is a weekend tournament.
    2. Parents are responsible for helping during matches with score and line judging. No worries if you do not know how, it can be taught to you. 
    3. Parents are responsible in making sure all team fees are paid. 
    4. Players are expected to be at all practices, games, and camps. Any absences should be communicated to the coach prior to the game or practice. 
    5. Players are to maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher and good behavior. 
    6. Players are expected to be at school daily and on time.

Upcoming Events

  • VOLLEYBALL SKILLS CLINIC : 4/19-4/20 (4:00-5:30p)
    TRYOUTS: 4/25-4/27 (4:00-6:00p)
    JUNE SUMMER DATES : 6/13-6/15 (2:15-5:00p)
    JULY SUMMER DATES : 7/11-7/13, 7/18-20, and 7/25-27 (9-11:30a)
    FALL PRACTICES : TBD [Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 3:45-6:00p] season starts 8/9
    SEASON GAMES : TBD [Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays]
  • For the clinic, you will need to bring the following items: 

    • School Physical Form, dated after April 15, 2021, which will be good for the upcoming season.
    • water bottle
    • knee pads
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