BMS Bus Information
    Due to the amount of students riding each bus, we do not allow students to ride home with friends if it is not their zoned school bus. A driver may also stop a student from getting off at the wrong stop. Please keep in mind that your child’s safety is our utmost concern. In the event of a child care emergency, you can write a note requesting your child ride home on a bus with another student. The note must include the reason and be brought to the office first thing in the morning. If the bus is full, the request will be denied, and we will contact you.
    Car Rider Information 
    Students arriving to school:
    • Before the start of school are to use the parking lot off of Middlebrook Pike.
    • After the start of school are to enter the building through the Main Office.
    Students being picked up at dismissal time are to use the parking lot off of Middlebrook Pike.
    Cars entering from Middlebrook Pike are not to double up when turning onto the driveway. We believe it will help traffic if you do not double up in the lanes until you reach the parking lot area. This will allow cars to exit and increase the traffic flow. Cars exiting on Francis Rd should stay in the right lane, cars exiting back out to Middlebrook should stay in the left lane as they are picking up their riders, they then must turn right onto Middlebrook. As you're pulling up to the school to pick up your child, please pay attention to those directing traffic. We will always ask that cars pull as far forward as possible and will keep cars from stopping in the crosswalk. Please see the traffice flow map below.
    Traffic Flow Map
    Traffic Flow Map
    Parking in BMS Parking Lot

    It is never okay to block handicap access even if school is not in session, or it does not look like many people are in the building.  BMS will have to tow any vehicle that blocks handicap access.

    Do Not Park in Handicap Parking Spaces