The BMS administrators, as well as our Technology Staff, Mrs. Pace (TPaCK) and Mr. Shedden (BLTC/Dean of Students) can search a device at any time for any reason.  Students and parents, please note, any personal device that uses our WiFi is also subject to search, discipline, and potential seizure.  Further, it is a violation of the KCS Technology Agreement for anyone to use a personal hotspot to connect any school device and/or personal device to an internet provider other than the dedicated Knox County Schools WiFi while on school grounds.  


    August 2, 2018

    Dear Students and Parents,

    As we plan for this fall, we would like to communicate our plans regarding the device deployment process so that all students have access to an iPad in a timely manner. With an iPad in hand, all students will have the opportunity to engage in personalized learning and collaboration throughout the school year.

    Prior to deployment, students and parents must review the device deployment orientation presentation, read the device procedures and expectations document, and sign the technology agreement; all documents are available on Bearden Middle School’s website. Paper copies are available in the in the front office as well.   

    Returning Students

    • For students returning to Bearden, the device deployment orientation presentation can be viewed online.
    • Each returning Bearden student will receive a Technology Device Agreement form from his or her homeroom teacher during the first week of school.  (This form is also available on the BMS website.)
    • Students can access the deployment documents, and beginning-of-year paperwork (Tech Agreement and Right to Publish) on Bearden Middle School’s webpage.
    • In order to receive a technology device, all of the above paperwork must be signed (parents and student) and turned into the student’s homeroom teacher.
    • Devices will be distributed by homeroom teacher based on collected paperwork.  

    6th Grade/New Transfer Students

    • All parents of students new to Bearden must watch the deployment video at Open House.  You can pre-print and bring the appropriate paperwork with you, or there will be copies available at the school that night.
    • Any paperwork completed and ready to turn in can be placed in the appropriate bins before leaving Open House.  If paperwork needs to be taken home, it should be brought back by the student and turned into his or her homeroom teacher.  All paperwork (Tech Agreement and Right to Publish) must be turned in before a device will be deployed.
    • Devices will be distributed by homeroom teacher based on collected paperwork.  

    **All iPads will be deployed during school hours.  

    Students who owe a technology fine for past damages will not receive a device until the technology fine has been paid. Students may pay technology fines with cash or check written to Bearden Middle School.  As a final reminder, the school does NOT deploy chargers for the iPads; however, we will have a table at both Open House nights where chargers can be bought at cost ($20) and technology fees for past damages can be paid. Technology fines can also be paid online; see the BMS website for more information.

    If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr. Steve Shedden via e-mail or phone. I look forward to seeing you at our Open Houses, and I look forward to working with you this year.


    Jennifer Pace

    Bearden Middle School

    TPaCK Coach