2023-2024 School Year:
    The gate at the MIddlebrook Pike parking lot will be locked at 8:25 am. Any car riders after that point must be dropped off and enter through the main office and be signed in by a parent. The gates will reopen at 3:00 pm, for the arrival of parents to pick up your students. Thank you for your understanding and support as we work to keep our campus safe. 
    Car Rider Information
    • All car riders are picked up and dropped off on the Middlebrook side of the building unless other arrangements have been made with a student’s case manager.
      • Any student arriving after 8:25 must be accompanied by a parent into the main office (located on the Francis Rd side of the building) to be signed in.
    • We cannot direct traffic on Middlebrook Pike. Parents dropping off students are to enter the Middlebrook lot by using the Westbound Lanes of Middlebrook Pike and turning right at the electronic Bearden Middle Marquis. Turning left from Middlebrook can be very difficult and traffic often backs up to the light at Francis Rd.
    • Map of the Traffic Pattern
    • You can park in the lot to pick up your child.
    • Please do not have your child meet you in the driveway from Middlebrook Pike as that causes a danger for them and drivers around you. All students must be picked up in the parking lot at a parked vehicle or alongside the building.
    • There can only be one lane of traffic entering the parking lot. Once you reach the point where the parking lot is on your left, you can form two lanes. The left lane will take you to the awning at the school entrance. The right lane will take you around the north side of the building where you can exit onto Francis Rd. You can pick up your child from either of these lanes once you reach the school building.
    • Do not have your child meet you in the surrounding neighborhoods, businesses or apartment complexes. They often notify the school, and you can be ticketed/towed.


    Bus Rider Information:

    • Buses drop off in the Middlebrook Pike parking lot.
    • Buses will pick up at the Francis Rd entrance of the building. Bus stop locator information. Make sure your child knows their bus number.
    • Special Education Buses and Special Education Shuttles will continue to drop-off on the Francis Rd. side of the building and enter with staff through locked entrances.
    • Students must ride their assigned bus; they cannot ride home on another bus with a friend.


    Walker Information:

    • Walkers are released at the beginning of the dismissal process.