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    **  BEARDEN CROSS COUNTRY 2017  ** 

    Goals: Introduce students to the sport of cross country running and help each runner improve his/her speed and endurance over the course of the season. Learn that running is fun! This program is for runners or runners-to-be of all levels.

    Season: 11 August through 3 October (regional) or 21 October (state)

    Training: Two formal practices each week from 3:45-5:15 pm Wednesday and Friday. All practices start at school; meet by the track. All Friday practices will be at Bearden Middle School. Wednesday practice (8/16) will be at BMS. All other Wednesday practices beginning 8/23 will start at BMS and end at the West-Side YMCA. Any deviations from this practice schedule will be announced over the school PA prior to the end of school and e-mailed to the cross country distribution list. There will be optional course preview runs Sunday afternoon before each meet. First official practice will be Friday August 11th – meet at tent by the track at 3:45.  Runners will improve faster if they run more than twice per week, so we will likely have some additional optional runs, especially before meets start.

    Races: Six Cross Country races are planned for the fall season. Races are approximately two miles long. The first meet is Saturday 9/2 (Labor Day weekend); other meets are Tuesdays beginning September 5th and continuing through the regional championship on October 3th. Assuming we qualify, the State Championship on Saturday October 21st will be our 7th meet. Depending on where the course is, girls races start between 5:30 and 6:15, and boys start after the girls are done. 1st meet on 9/2 is an exception – girls start at 12:00 there.  Plan to arrive, ready to run, at least 30 minutes before the start of their race. Parking can be a pain, so carpooling and arriving early is recommended. 

    Transportation: Participants provide their own transportation to and from practices and races.

    Requirements: Athletes are expected to attend 2 scheduled practices each week and participate in scheduled races during the season. Any conflicts should be discussed with a coach ahead of time.  We do try to accommodate runners who participate in other sports or academic activities.

    We need two things to officially register your runner on the team:

    1. A completed registration form. You can fill it out online: 

    2. Fees: $65.00 ($35 if you have singlet from last season). Covers program administration, insurance, entry fees for all meets, and team race singlet. Make checks payable to Chris Welsh (not to Bearden Middle School or Knox County Schools).

    Remember, first official practice will be Friday August 11th, right after school at BMS. Practices start at 3:45 and end between 5:00-5:15. Please plan to pick your runner up by 5:15. All Fridays and Wednesday 8/16 start and end at BMS. All other Wednesdays (8/23-10/18) start at BMS but pick-up is at Westside Y.

    INTRODUCTORY MEETING: We’ll have our informational meeting on Thursday August 10 at 6:00 p.m. at Runner's Market in Bearden (at Western Plaza; 4443 Kingston Pike). We’ll spend 15-20 minutes discussing the cross country program and answer any questions you may have. For those looking to buy shoes, Runners Mkt staff will be on hand to advise you on shoe fitting (maybe best to come early for that), and they will offer a discount on shoes, spikes, and apparel the entire week of August 7-12.

    Knoxville Youth Athletics will be managing the overall program as they did last year. For more info, visit 
    The site has a full listing of race dates and times, direction to meet venues, and more.

    Coaches: Chris Welsh, cwelsh@utk.edu or cell 964-3696 (ok to text); Ron Campbell, fudgeron@yahoo.com; or Coach Cofer, elizabeth.cofer@knoxschools.org.




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