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    Directions for Microsoft Teams Installation on Student Chromebook

    Parents and students, please watch the video linked above and follow the directions for installation to be sure that all students can successfully join a MS Teams meeting with their teachers starting Monday, August 24.  

    Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a collaboration tool designed to bring students and teachers together in an online shared space. It’s not designed for communicating with family and friends, but instead provides a platform for video conferencing, real-time discussions, document sharing, editing, and more for schools around the world.  Many businesses also use MS Teams to integrate the people, content, and tools needed when meeting in person is not an option.  


    Overall, Microsoft Teams breaks down into five main components:

    • Team – A virtual “building” where all invited members enter to collaborate.
    • Channel – An individual “room” within the “building” that may be open to all team members or locked as invite-only. Administrators can create multiple “rooms” with specific themes, such as Editorial, Gaming, Accounting, HR, and more.
    • Channel Tabs – Allows you to “pin” posts, files, apps, and more to each channel you frequent. They are not universal, so one channel may have different tabs from another.
    • Activity Feed – Connects all channels like a makeshift hallway so you can receive mentions, replies, and other notifications associated with the channels you frequent.
    • Chat – Private chats between you and other team members.