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    WELCOME to the 2020-2021 school year at Bearden Middle School! The Bearden Middle PTA has lots of opportunities and ideas to help you get involved during your child's middle school years.Please contact our President, Shannon Thackston with questions, thoughts, suggestions for helping to make our PTA more supportive of our school, students, and staff.
    Are you receiving our weekly PTA e-newsletter? If not, please email Cris Barroso and ASK TO BE ADDED TO THE DISTRIBUTION LIST, ask to be added to the distribution list.
  • Why Become a Member of PTA? $6 of your $10 membership helps fund items the school's budget doesn't cover. Joining the PTA does not obligate you to volunteer or attend meetings, although we hope you will join us as your schedule allows! Simply include your membership dues of $10 with the PTA Membership form (download below, or get a copy in the Main Office). $6 of that stays here at BMS to help support our many activities and initiatives; the remaining $4 goes to local, state, and national dues to support child-advocacy initiatives. 

    Why suppport the Enrichment Fund? Any additional funds over $10 go to our Enrichment Fund, which supports funding gaps for technology, devices, books, programs, etc. Membership levels are as follows:  FRIEND LEVEL $1-$99, RED LEVEL $100-$179, WHITE LEVEL $180-$364, BLUE LEVEL $365-$499, BRUIN LEVEL $500-$999 and CORPORATE LEVEL $1000+.

    Thank you for supporting the BMS PTA and our Enrichment Fund!

PTA Officers

    President Kathryn Vinson kdvgh99@gmail.com 865.300.3442
    President-Elect Holly Williams holly_a_young@hotmail.com 865.661.6588
    VP Membership Laura Bohner laura.corden.bohner@disney.com 865.455.7818
      Miller Foutch nmfoutch@gmail.com 865.765.6501
    VP Enrichment Tracy Linardo linardotr@gmail.com 865.300.7555
    Treasurer Minette Townsend boandminette@icloud.com 865.963.8572
    Assistant Treasurer Chris Wilson cwilson@bscs.org 720.326.5335
    Secretary Caren Miller carenmiller16@gmail.com 865.317.2224
    Parliamentarian Mitch Eisenberg mitchell.eisenberg@gmail.com 865.368.0929
    6th Grade Rep Laura Bohner laura.corden.bohner@disney.com 865.455.7818
      Shannon Schupp shannonschupp8@yahoo.com 615.293.9724
      Kristy Altman kaltmanruns@gmail.com 865.805.2008
      Faith Vallejo fdunn@pshcpas.com  
      Ashley Williams    
    7th Grade Rep Caren Miller carenmiller16@gmail.com 865.317.2224
      Erika Morris erikamichelsen@gmail.com 901.871.6886
      Maia Tomlinson danamaia@msn.com 206.459.5389
      Laura Leonard lauralleonard@gmail.com 865.389.7091
      Matthew Bryant gratthewbryant@gmail.com 865.414.8354
      Shannon Reynolds    
    8th Grade Rep Kathryn Vinson kdsgh99@aol.com 865.300.3442
      Chantelle Fields chantellefields101@gmail.com 865.405.3671
      Kyla Carter kacarter08@gmail.com 919.448.4721
      Melissa Ostendorf melostendorf@hotmail.com 865.255.9156
      Faith Tuggle beardenbruinmom@gmail.com 530.538.5771
    8th Grade Dance Sondra DuBon sdubon@insurmart.biz 865.548.5731
      Kyla Carter kacarter08@gmail.com 919.448.4721
      Melissa Ostendorf melostendorf@hotmail.com 865.255.9156
    8th Dance Photographer Thelen Wright twright105@gmail.com 865.567.2125
    Auditor Karly McMurry karlymarie@gmail.com 865.405.7075
    Bruinaroo Heather Moffett hmoffett26@gmail.com 865.603.5795
      Courtney Peace courtpeace@icloud.com 865.202.8878
    Bruinaroo Assistant Yegi Cole yhcole@gmail.com 865.789.3726
      Demetria Hearp demetriahearp@gmail.com 865.654.9188
    Bruin Award Ashley Harkrider aharkrider@yahoo.com 865.207.7678
      Laura Heinz lauraheinz@gmail.com  
    Clinic Virginia Bieber virginiabieber@icloud.com 423.341.5410
    Clothing Drive Chris Kleiser cmkleiser@hotmail.com 865.207.2718
    Facebook Chris Vinson dawgfanekav@gmail.com 865.300.9914
    Hospitality Julie Bankston julbankston@hotmail.com 865.805.2265
      Amy Shuler amyshuler@hotmail.com 910.691.2878
    House & Grounds Holly Williams holly_a_young@hotmail.com 865.661.6588
      Kurt Kammann ktkamm@aol.com 865.388.4009
    Lip Sync Lori Gray lgray77@live.com 865.454.0652
    Mini Grants Louise Lindsay louise.lindsay1876@gmail.com 703.864.2790
    Newsletter Kyla Carter kacarter08@gmail.com 919.448.4721
    Signs Mitch Eisenberg mitchell.eisenberg@gmail.com  
    Special Needs Liaison Amy Honeycutt ahoneycutt24@yahoo.com  
    Spirit Wear Tori Rose trose88@gmail.com 865.806.9199
    Welcome Breakfast Caren Miller carenmiller16@gmail.com 865.317.2224
    Website Jen Mowrer jen@mowrerpower.com 865.335.7281
    Service Projects Chris Kleiser cmkleiser@hotmail.com 865.207.2718

PTA News and Announcements

Important Dates 2019-2020

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  • Please consider an enrichment member...when you do, 100% of your gift stays at BMS! To give, please contact Mary Martin today.
    FRIEND Level Enrichment Donor
    $1–$99 gift
    RED Level Enrichment Donor
    $100–$179 gift
    WHITE Level Enrichment Donor
    $180–$364 gift
    BLUE Level Enrichment Donor
    $365–$499 gift
    BRUIN Level Enrichment Donor
    $500–$999 gift
    CORPORATE Level Enrichment Donor
    $1,000 + gift
    For a complete listing of giving level incentives, click here.