• Welcome to the Powell Elementary School Counseling Department!  Our full-time school counselor is Ms. Laura Filtness.  You can reach Ms. Filtness by her contact information to the right.  She offers a variety of helpful tools and resources to parents and children.  Feel free to contact her or explore these counseling pages for useful resource links.


    Our goals this year:

    Attendance- To reduce #of identified students with 10 or more unexcused absences by 15% by April 2019.

    Academic- To increase the ELA TN Ready scores for 3rd-5th grade ESL students by 3.7%.


    Parents we always love getting your feedback! Please complete this online needs assessment so that we can help plan for a great year.

    Career Day- if you are interest in speaking e-mail Ms. Filtness or sign up here: http:// signup.com/go/eVNABAc

    Classroom Guidance- Here's a peek of what we are doing in our class lessons and how you can support those lessons at home!


    K- We are learning about how unique and special friends can be. 

    How Children Make Friends

    1st- We are learning about different types of families.

    Types of Families

    2nd- We are learning about self control and how our actions make others glad or sad.

    Teaching Self Control

    3rd- We’re finding our strengths & boosting our self esteem.

    Your Child's Self Esteem

    4th- We are learning about including other and creating positive relationships.

    Choosing Friends

    5th- We are learning about how a growth mindset can help us accomplish our goals.

    Growth Mindset- You Tube


    K- We are learning about self control and self regulation. 

    Teaching Self Control

    1st-We are learning how to use technology safely and effectively. 

    Parents Guide to YouTube

    2nd- We are talking about test- taking and study skills. 

    Study Skills

    3rd-We are discovering how we learn best. 

    Learning Styles

    4th- We are setting goals for this school year and beyond. 

    Teaching Kids To Set Goals

    5th- We are learning all about perseverance and reading.

    Teaching Kids Perseverance

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