• WORDO!  (requires Adobe Shockwave)

    PowerPoint Games


    Use these PowerPoint games and the game cards to provide students an opportunity to practice and review new vocabulary.

    • Jeopardy could be used for grades K-5 self-contained classroom.  The categories could be the content areas.  The teacher would type in a Jeopardy-like clue for each word. 
    • Panther Squares! is played like the old Hollywood Squares Game.  This game requires no advanced preparation.  Divide the class into two teams, X and O.  A team chooses a square, but can only put an X or O on the square by defining the vocabulary word card drawn. 
    • Bingo Maker - Make your own BINGO cards and other Word Puzzle games - www.teach-nology.com website; great for use on ActivBoard or SmartBoards

    Divide your class into 2 groups.
    Display on the whiteboard 20 vocabulary words (words could also be displayed on the Word Wall)
    Choose one student from each team and ask them to turn their backs to the words.
    Give both students a fly swatter
    The teacher gives a definition for one of the words.
    The students will face the words and attempt to be the first to "fly swat" the word to earn points for their team.
    (Note from Mrs. B:  I would be careful NOT to do this on the ActivBoard due to potential damage to the board.  However, you might be able to adapt it to work with the ActivBoard using the Tools there.)

    Sadly, the Jefferson County Schools website, which was such a wonderful resource for us, is no longer accessible without a login from their  school system.  I will try to find replacement activities that are comparable and will post them when I can. 


    Game Cards for Word Game Boards


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    Level: Any Level

    Submitted by Guillermo Flores Grajales