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    Welcome to the PES Library/Media Center home page!
    Welcome to the Library
     on Monday, January 29th click the green box. 
    When does my child have Library class?
    Every class at PES visits the library on an 8-day rotation schedule. Click here to see the Library class schedule.
    When do students check-out/return library books?
    Children check-out books during library class. 
    K-1st grades can get one book each time.
    2nd-5th grades can get two books each time.
    Children can keep library books for 8 days. They return books when they come to library class.
    Students can visit the library during Open Access times if they need to check-out or return a book before their class time. 
    Have a question for the PES Library staff? 
    Contact the library by e-mail at
    Do you have a suggestion for a book you want in the PES Library?
    Fill out the Google survey here.