Contact Information Page

  • Phone:  865-938-2048   When should I call this number?
    • When I need to get general information about the school or specific events/activities
    • When I need to get a message to my child
    • When I need to get a message to a teacher or staff member (including administrators)
    • When I need to change information on my student's Emergency Card
    • When I need to get emergency information to the school
    Fax:  865-947-4685        When should I use this number?
    • When I need to fax information to the school
    • When a doctor or someone else needs to fax info to the school

    first name.last              When should I e-mail the school?  
    • When I want to e-mail my child's teacher
    • When I want to e-mail a school staff member or administrator

    School Website Address            When should I look to the website?
    • Daily!!!  Things can change quickly and we do our very best to keep it up-to-date.
    • For information I may have lost, forgotten, or not received
    • For academic practice links for my children
    • To find out what events are upcoming, including deadlines
    • For information on snow days or other school cancellations
    • For cafeteria menus
    • For information on special groups, such as Safety Patrol, PTA, etc.
    • For bus schedules and stops
    • For information you cannot find on our local website, use the link to the Knox County District website to find out more