PES Receives Reward School Status!

  • Five KCS schools receive high performing, progressing accolade

    August 19, 2013 
    The Tennessee Department of Education has released its annual list of Reward Schools, which recognizes the top five percent of schools in the state for annual growth (progress measured by school-wide value-added data) and the top five percent for academic achievement (performance measured by overall student achievement levels) under the State of Tennessee’s new accountability system. Each year, the Tennessee Department of Education recognizes Tennessee schools that have shown the most progress or performance year-over-year alongside the schools with the highest achievement or value-added data.

    This year’s Reward Schools list recognizes 70 schools in Tennessee for overall academic achievement, and 83 schools for annual value-added growth. The list also names 16 schools in Tennessee that earned both designations, rising to the top five percent for annual value-added growth while also ranking in the state’s top five percent for overall achievement.

    In the Knox County Schools, five schools were designated as Reward Schools:

    • Sequoyah Elementary School – Performance (Reward School for the second consecutive year)
    • Powell Elementary School – Progress
    • Carter High School – Progress
    • Farragut High School – Performance and Progress
    • L&N STEM Academy - Performance

    “It is great to see several of our schools recognized for their performance and progress in being among the top five percent of schools in the state,” said Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of the Knox County Schools. “This is reflective of the overall hard work happening in our classrooms, the great work that our teachers and students are doing, and the support of our community so that we continue to see an upward trajectory in student learning and success.”

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