• Halls Middle School Counseling

    Welcome to the HMS School Counseling page! School Counselors are certified/licensed professionals with a master's degree or higher in school counseling. We support all students in their academic, career, and emotional/social development so that they may learn and live successfully. Our school counseling program is built to help all students develop and reach their maximum unique potential. Our school recognizes the importance of working closely with families. Please reach out to us whenever you have a question or concern. 
    The Halls Middle School School Counseling Program is aligned with Tennessee State standards for School Counselors and the Tennessee Model for comprhensive school counseling. 
    Why do parents contact the School Counselor?
    -Questions about student schedules/class placement
    -Concerns about student achievement or behavior 
    -Discussing special needs of their child  
    -School orientation
    -Testing interpretation 
    -Community resources  
    -Family concerns
    -Magnet School information  
    How does a student see the School Counselor?  
    -Stop by the counseling office with permission from a teacher
    -Parent referral - complete form
    -Teacher or other staff referral - complete form 
    -Administrative referral  
    -Referral by friend  
    Transfer Announcement 
    Those wishing to apply for a transfer may do so during the following transfer window -
    October 1 through February 19th. 
     ~Schedule Changes~
    Please complete the following forms/form and return to your child's grade level administrator.
    Course Level Change Request  - changing levels (from standard to Honors)
    Class Change Form - class change 
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    • the B1 Program

    Madison Trent

    School Counselor A-K
    (865) 922-7494 (Main Office) 

    Jessie Thomas 

    School Counselor L-Z 
    (865) 922-7494 (Main Office)