Thanks to all the cheer candidates who tried out for the Halls Middle School cheer squad. We have tons of talent in our community! Keep up the hard work!
    Congratulations to the following young ladies! They will represent Halls Middle School for the 2019-2020 cheer/basketball season. (In alphabetical order)
    Anna Burnette
    Carlie Cadle
    Caitlin DeBord
    Skylar Frye
    Audrey Gresham
    Ella Johnson
    Greyson Lamb
    Hannah Newland
    Brie Ogle 
    Ava Perry
    Abby Stephens
    Aaleyah Sterling 
    Josie Wolfe
    First payment ($400) due May 8. 
    We will have our first mandatory cheerleader meeting May 8 in my classroom, room 264, starting at 3:45.
    Varsity Rep will be in attendance to size for camp wear/practice wear and shoes. Parents are welcome, but not required. 
    What to bring:
    Cheer shoe and sock size
    sports bra
    Immeditaley following meeting, we will meet for dinner at Chick-fil-a Emory Road location.