• Scholastic Book Fair

    The Scholastic Book Fair will be held October 17-28 in the Halls Middle School Library. Students will attend with their ELA class on their assigned dates. Students will be able to return again the next day during homeroom, if needed, to purchase any items they wish to buy. Students may shop with cash, checks, credit/debit cards, or eWallet.

    Families may come shop on Thursday, October 27 from 4:00-7:00.

    Teacher “wish lists” will be available during the week for students/families to purchase and donate books to classrooms. If you are interested in participating in this, please send extra money with your student. 

    You can donate funds online to our “Donations Halls Middle EWallet” to help fund the purchase of books for HMS students that cannot afford them. 

    Students/families will also be asked if they want to round up their total to the nearest dollar and donate change. Students/families that donate will have their names put in a drawing for a free book or poster. All monetary donations will be used to fund items on teacher wishlists. Our goal is to make sure each teacher that participates receives at least one new book donation. 
    Click on the Bookfair logo below to visit our HMS Bookfair website. You can also make online purchases or safely load your eWallet with money.

    Book Fair Dates at a Glance

    10/17- Dean & Loving (6th)

    10/18- Stanford & Robins (6th)

    10/19- Wright & Layton (7th)

    10/20- Redmond & McCoy (7th & 8th)

    10/21- Harter & Poling (8th)

    10/24- Ridenour, Couch, Padgett, McCord, Roberts (6th, 7th, 8th)

    10/25- Any 6th during ELA

    10/26- Any 7th during ELA

    10/27- Any 8th during ELA

    10/28- Any student 6th,7th,8th


    Fall Festival Family Night

    Thursday, October 27


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Ebooks for Professional Learning

  • Knox County Schools offers a collection of relevant and recent professional development ebooks for staff.

    Please login to the professional ebook collection here.  Your login credentials are your Active Directory username and password.


    MackinVIA Professional Ebook Button  


    If you are taken to your school shelf, you can access the professional shelf by changing your site:

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    Title Suggestions for the Professional eBook Library

    While the KCS LMS department cannot guarantee the availability of titles or funds to purchase them at any given time, we will happily take any suggestions you may have for the purchase of either additional copies of resources we already own or new titles to consider as we continue to curate the collection! Please use the link to access the suggestion form.

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Emily Haendel

School Librarian


(865) 922-7494 

  • Hours:

    8:00a.m. - 3:45 p.m. Monday - Friday 

    General Rules:

    • You must have a note from your teacher to visit during the school day.
    • Proper behavior is a must at all times. Remember to follow the HMS Maxims!
    • Bring your I.D. card, chromebook, and a pencil to the library every time you visit.
    • Absolutely no food, drinks, gum, or candy in the library.
    Circulation Guidelines:
    • Please know your S number.
    • Up to two books may be checked out for two weeks with the possibility to renew two times. 
    • If a book is lost, the replacement cost must be paid to the library via cash or a check made out to Halls Middle School.
    • If a book is damaged, every effort is made to repair the book.  If the book is so damaged that it cannot be repaired, the replacement cost must be paid to the library via cash or a check made out to Halls Middle School.
  • Greetings to all students, staff, parents, and administrators from the Halls Middle School Library!

    Welcome to the Halls Middle School Library Media Center website. We are looking forward to seeing you soon! 

    Knox County Library Media Mission Statement:

    Knox County School Librarians are the friendly faces of knowledge acquisition.  Our libraries are growing, multiservice, dynamic school centers that welcome, motivate, and inspire everyone in our community of users.  We invest our time and skills in nurturing, promoting, and advocating for a learning environment that maximizes services and equitable access to resources. Our library programs are essential to a school-wide culture of innovation, achievement, and collaboration.  Knox County School Librarians are forward-thinking leaders who model inquiry, information literacy, technologies, and trends in reading and instruction.  Our professional charge is to inform and empower by fostering a safe environment where users can read, explore, question, solve and create, leading to Excellence for Every Child.  
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