• We need your help! There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer at Halls Middle School. Please watch for information in school and PTA newsletters throughout the year for ways to become involved. Depending on the type of volunteer activity proposed, volunteers may be required to submit to a background check. These are managed by the Knox County Schools Public Affairs Office at no cost. If you have additional questions, please consult the office staff and they will direct you to to the Mount Olive background check site or give you a background check request form. Once approved, the background check is valid for 6 years.


    *In order to volunteer in the Knox County Schools, an individual must:

    Sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the rights of students and parents
    Sign in and out each time they visit a school
    Appear clean, neat, and appropriately attired
    Wear an identification tag at all times while on school grounds
    Work with students in areas designated by school staff
    Only provide food or drink to a student if authorized by the student’s teacher or principal

    Per district policy I-260, any volunteer that will have direct contact with students under limited supervision by school staff or will have unsupervised contact with students on or off-campus will need to complete a background check through Knox County. Please consult the office staff and they will direct you to to the Halls Middle School background check site.

    Please contact the main office at 865.922.7494 if you have any questions.