Safety Patrol at Powell Elementary School is comprised of 5th Graders whose exemplary behavior has set them apart to represent Powell Elementary School by aiding teachers and students alike for the safety and security of all.  Coordinators are Mrs. McGill, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Worley with much help from the other Fifth Grade teachers.  It is an honor to be selected as a patroller and to serve the students and staff at our school. Each school year there are four Safety Patrol terms, each one lasting nine weeks. Up to one hundred (100) 5th Graders can be selected, twenty-five at a time, for at least one term each. Each term, fifteen serve in the morning, before school, from 7:10 until 7:45; and ten serve after school, from 2:35 until 3:10.  We are "the best of the best"!

    In late May a fifth rotation is selected, this time from the Fourth Grade. Those students will become the first rotation for the next school year. They will continue their service, beginning with the first day of school in August.

     Members of safety patrol are nominated and then selected based on the following:

    ·       Leadership

    ·       Show respect for students and adults

    ·       Maturity

    ·       Reliability

    ·       Ability to follow rules

    ·       Punctuality (being on time)

    ·       Health (ability to perform duties daily)

    ·       Sound judgment (making good decisions)

    ·       Good attendance

    ·       Courtesy to others

    ·       Desire to help others

    These guidelines are expected to be followed during the whole school year, whether you are currently serving as a safety or not.  The entire staff and student body watch YOU to be sure you are setting a good example for others.  If you cannot follow through on these expectations at all times, you can face disciplinary action, including dismissal from the patrol or not being eligible to go to Washington DC.  

    How Do I Become A Safety Patroller?

    ·       A student has to be in the 5th Grade or, with the group chosen each May, in the last month of the 4th Grade.

    ·       Be nominated by the student's homeroom teacher because of excellent school-wide behavior, leadership, and hard work. 

    ·       5th Grade teachers, Special Area teachers, office staff, and teaching assistants are given the opportunity to rate all candidates they supervise or teach. Ratings are assigned on a scale of 5 (highest) to 1 (lowest).  Only students receiving at least a 4.2 out of 5 are eligible to be patrollers.  

    ·       The twenty-five (25) candidates with the highest ratings averages earn "Safety Patrol" status for the next nine weeks. The same process is repeated every nine weeks throughout the year. There are four 5th Grade Safety Patrol rounds. Each Safety Patroller serves one round, unless there are not enough candidates to fill out a round.  In that instance, we may ask former patrollers to serve another round.


    NEW GUIDELINES FOR NOMINATION (effective 5/14/17) 

    Four (4) rounds of safeties are nominated to serve during the year with about 25 students being selected each round based on ratings from school staff.  (If we do not have enough students who meet the criteria and the scores, we will sometimes ask former safeties to complete the roster for that round.)


    Eligible students must meet the following criteria to be nominated or maintain a position in Safety Patrol for PES:

    • Academic grades C or above  (including Encore grades) - AND -
    • Work habits grades average S or E on interim and 9 week report card - AND -
    • Behavior grade A/Level 1 (including Encore grades) on interim and 9 week report card


    • Daily behavior scores maintained at a level 1 (no discipline or PAC referrals).  This includes Encore behavior. Respectful behavior to adults and other students is extremely important!


    • Excellent attendance (very little tardiness/absences). Students should not be nominated if they have habitual tardiness, absences, or a record of checking out early. 

    Staff members filling out Rating Sheets will also consider the following when rating nominees:

    • Leadership ability – the student is not afraid to speak out and give direction to others in a considerate yet authoritative manner.  
    • Examples to others - Patrollers are looked upon as examples by the rest of the student body and should always behave in an appropriate way, following all school rules, even when no one is looking. Causing intentional pain or hurt to another in any way will not be tolerated.
    • Fairness and Respect - Safety patrollers are expected to be fair and kind to everyone, not just their friends.  You earn respect by giving respect. Students who bully or make fun of others in the background, or are sneaky in regard to their treatment of others, are not good patroller material!  Our Guidance Counselor reviews all nominations to be sure no “undercurrents” are occurring that other adults may not be aware of. 

    The top 25 students receiving a cumulative rating score of 4.2 or above will be offered a position on the Safety Patrol at PES.  Once selected, patrollers are allowed only two days on level 2 behavior.  They will receive a verbal warning after their first time on Level 2 and a written warning to parents after the 2nd time.  If a student does not maintain a C or above in all subjects – AND - an average of S or E in work habits – OR – drops to a level 2 in behavior more than twice (or has a B in behavior at Interim grades), they will be removed from Safety Patrol.   Just a word of warning – any safety receiving a discipline referral resulting in having to spend time in PAC can be removed as a patroller.  Becoming a safety brings responsibility and a sense of honor and pride.   

     Note:  just being a “good kid” does not automatically mean a student will be selected as a Safety patroller.  There are many other things that factor in. 


    Members of safety patrol are chosen based on the following:

    • Leadership
    • Show respect for students and adults
    • Excellent attitude toward students and adults
    • Maintain a C in academics AND an S or E in work habits** AND an A in behavior**
    • Maturity
    • Reliability
    • Ability to follow rules
    • Punctuality (being on time) & attendance
    • Health (ability to perform duties daily)
    • Sound judgment (making good decisions)
    • Good attendance
    • Courtesy to others (fair/kind to all) - no sneaky, behind-the-back stuff
    • Desire to help others

    These guidelines are to be followed during the whole school year, whether you are currently serving as a safety or not.  The entire staff and student body watch YOU to be sure you are setting a good example for others.  If you cannot follow through on these expectations at all times, you can face disciplinary action, including dismissal from the patrol or not being eligible to go to Washington DC. 


    The goal for Safety Patrol behavior is independent, appropriate behavior in ALL school situations.

          5 - The student always demonstrates independent, appropriate behavior at school. He/she also shows positive leadership with other  students.

          4 - The student usually demonstrates independent, appropriate behavior at school, but shows less positive leadership.

          3 - The student sometimes demonstrates independent, appropriate behavior at school, but not in all situations. He/she does not show positive leadership with other students.  

          2 - The student seldom demonstrates independent, appropriate behavior skills at school, and has to be reminded often of what is appropriate behavior at school. 

          1 - Student does not demonstrate independent, appropriate behavior at school and does not show knowledge of the difference between appropriate and inappropriate school behavior.