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    All students may log in for FREE to their i-Ready account at home or at school.  i-Ready Math is a program that lets the student practice skills, receive lessons, and answer proficiency questions to allow their teacher to monitor their progress in specific skill areas.  If you need your child's login information (although most should know it by now), please contact their teacher for help.


    For use at school only by students with pre-set accounts
    Ticket to Read
     TICKET TO READ - Reading Practice
     For school or home use by students with pre-set accounts 
    Front Row
    FRONT ROW- Math Practice 
    Teachers can sign a child up to do practice sessions at home - or - at school.  
    Front Row is a FREE program (there is a paid version available).
    To practice at home:
    1.  On iPads, download the Front Row app from the App Store.
    2.  On a computer, go to student.frontrowed.com
    3.  Have students enter their first name, last name, and the class code (get from teacher)
    4.  Login and watch as your student's math skills improve!
    Moby Max Moby Max
     Moby Max is a FREE math and reading program for students in grades K through 8.  Sign up on the site and select your child's current grade level.  Use the problems on the site to work through specific skills and processes as a reinforcement for what they have studied in school!
    Xtra Math Xtra Math
     Another excellent reinforcement program for math skills!  And yes, it's FREE!
    For school or home use by students with pre-set accounts
                    - OR -
    There is a free component where students can practice up to 20 problems in a section per day. 
    Destination Success
    For use at school only by students with pre-set accounts. 
    Big U  

    Canvas log in     CANVAS
       Link from here to Canvas, a learning management software that allows students to work more closely and 
       even interactively, with their teachers!  It is a powerful tool for educators, students, and parents!
     Fun 4 The Brain
    The following links are for research and study and are provided by Mr. Davis, our Media Specialist.  Click on the link to go to the site.
      Research       KidsInfobits


           World Book Kids

           World Book Student

           Big Universe eBooks

      Truflix eBooks                                Public Library
      Follett eBooks                                Shelving Books
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