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        Excellence without question; representing the best of its' kind
    Welcome to the Powell Elementary Safety Patrol homepage.  Contained on these pages are the guidelines on what it takes to become a member of the safety patrol at our school.  We have very high expectations of our patrollers - they represent the most dependable, the most caring, and those who we feel would do well in a leadership position.  Not every student who meets the criteria will be selected however.  We can only pick 25 students each 9 weeks, but those 25 must receive at least a 4.2 on the ratings from staff members.  Those who make less than 4.2 will not be selected.  IF less than 25 students meet the 4.2 criteria, then we will ask former safeties to fill in those remaining positions.
    Here's how it all works:
    Every 9 weeks, 5th grade teachers look at the grades of their class and - based on the guidelines - nominate those who meet the criteria.  Nominations by a classroom teacher means that the student meets that initial criteria.  After that, the names are put on a list (along with their picture) and staff are asked to rate them anonymously (see the rating guide on the Safety Patrol Guidelines page).  The results are tallied and those who make a score of 4.2 or higher are put on a list in order from highest to lowest.  The top 25 scores are first offered a position and they turn in their shift (morning OR afternoon) request to Mrs. McGill.  She fills those spots (15 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon) as forms are turned in - first returned, first placed.
    If a student makes Patrol, but we cannot accommodate their shift request, their name is moved to the next rotation.  As long as they continue to meet all the criteria and receive at least a 4.2 in ratings, they are automatically given first choice for shift position.  
    After many, many years of updating the guidelines and procedures for selection, we feel this is the most fair way to handle it. We thank you for your understanding and wish your child good luck in the selection process!