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    Welcome! The Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO), is the volunteer group that supports the students, teachers and staff at West High School. We hope you will join us as we help to make a difference at your child's school. Consider getting involved with the PTSO.
    You will find our calendar, membership information, committee chairs and other support efforts. If you have any questions, please contact us at westhighptso@gmail.com. Thank you, and we look forward to volunteering with you!

    TO JOIN THE PTSO . . . just access Donorbox, which allows users to set a monthly recurring donation online. We are encouraging folks to make a small donation each month ($10, $20, $30). Users can still make a one-time donation, if they prefer, but the default is set for monthly recurring donations. Select the link https://forms.gle/fGhyok6XRbJUjAxs5 or the QR Code below.

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    Executive Board



     Jonathan Fortner  

    Vice President

    Allison Scott


    Kyla Carter


    Jennifer Hinton


    Mary Martin   



    Committee Chairs


    One West Corner Coordinator/Scheduling

    Abigail Jumper/Kathy Dickerson

    Bookstore Records

    Rosemary Mary

    Bookstore Food Buyer

    Julie Bankston/Brandy Rappe

    Bookstore Apparel Buyer

    Jennifer Phillips


    Kurt Kammann

    Food Truck Coordinator

    Amy Shuler/Marsha Dance/Jen Beilharz

    Signage (PTSO forms)

    Mary Martin

    Freshman Orientation (t-shirts)


    Library Volunteer Coordinator

    Helen Arnold/Laura Coens

    Teacher Enrichment Funds

    Nikki Freemann

    New Parent Coffee

    Chantelle Fields/Paige Brooke

    Newsletter/West Weekly Update

    Amanda Capps

    Open House

    Nicki Collett/Sarah Hamilton  

    Office Volunteer Coordinator

    Allison Kohl

    Graduate Scholarship

    Gina Burch

    Membership Data Entry

    Kyla Carter

    Senior Events



    Julie Bankston/Mary Martin/Brandy Rappe/Shara Alexander

    Ashley Harkrider

        Awards Celebration

    Nathan Etheridge

    Heather Ryerson



    Paige Brooke/Stephanie Case


    Amy Shuler/Minette Townsend/Molly Meigs

        Graduation Raffle

    Leslee Wilkinson/Kim DeRoche

        Senior Signage  

    Molly Meigs/Rebecca Robinson

    Soiree Chairs

    Katie Neely/Katy Bibee

    Teacher of the Year

    Laura Heinz

    Teacher Appreciation/Hospitality

    Colleen Austin/Amy Kirby