Melissa Walsh, West High School FRAC Principal
FRAC Dean and West High School Science Teacher Lindsay Bell

SLC: Freshman Academy (FRAC)



    Providing support to ensure student success 
    The Freshman Academy is comprised of a team of Educators who work collaboratively to provide access to rigorous coursework while providing supports to ensure student success through:
    • Student-Centered Collaboration
    • Common Instructional Practices
    • Common Language
    • Common Expectations
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Student Goal Setting
    • Progress Monitoring
    Providing students with necessary skill sets
    It is through these research-based common practices that students gain access to rigorous, high quality instruction intended to teach students:
    • To Think Critically
    • To Collaborate
    • To Communicate Through Speech and Writing
    • To Learn How to Learn
    • To Have An Academic Mindset