Vision Statement



    West High School is dedicated to a tradition of excellence, a concept of diversity, unlimited potential and a global future where:



    • Are engaged in challenging and meaningful learning
    • Hold themselves accountable for their own learning
    • Are involved in integrated learning activities
    • Have access to a variety of resources for learning
    • Help guide their own learning and academic achievement through personal goal setting
    • Understand and value the benefits of education
    • View the learning process as a cycle of continued personal growth


    Parents and Community:

    • Are actively engaged in their child’s education
    • Interact with children to offer mentoring services for struggling students (academically and socially)
    • View West High School as a safe, central place within the community
    • View West High School as an agent for moving the community forward
    • Help to develop and nurture a genuine West High School community
    • Will actively promote West High School
    • Are invested in leading the district in cultural events and international mindedness



    • Are dedicated to creating rigorous, engaging, effective lessons.
    • Incorporate innovative, relevant and differentiated learning practices into their classrooms
    • Continually refine their craft through quality PLC and SLC collaboration
    • Nurture the process of learning
    • Foster an environment of personal accountability and school pride


    School Structures:

    • Are designed for optimal success of every student
    • Support consistency in school climate, policy implementation, teaching, communication and academic and emotional security
    • Streamline communication processes to make information readily available to all stakeholders
    • Utilize a technology-driven infrastructure and curriculum
    • Provide a safe and stable learning environment.