HVES Library Schedule

HVES Library Schedule

Our library is more than "just a library"--it is a classroom, a meeting place, a special events location, and more based on need.  Ms. Foust teaches six 45-minute classes a day and one 30-minute enrichment class (Hawkeye).  Various small group & mentoring sessions are also held in the library at any given time between 8:00-2:30 and sometimes after school.  

Library Classes

During Library classes, Ms. Foust shares stories and teaches lessons that build on the regular classroom experience and curriculum.  Lessons generally last for 30-35 minutes allowing 10-15 minutes for students to check out. 

Open Access:  hours to be determined

Open Access hours are limited based on the availability of our part-time library secretary, and may vary depending on special events and testing schedules.  Teachers (2nd-5th grades) will be provided with 2 Open Access passes after students attend their 1st Library class.  Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers will be provided with passes later in the school year (or earlier if requested). Students are taught to observe the Open/Closed signage on the doors.  During Open Access, students must sign-in and follow the established library rules and procedures for check out and behavior. (see Library Behavior Expectations).

After School

Parents/guardians are welcome to come to the library after school, between 2:35 and 3:15 for students to check out books; however, after-school hours are subject to change based on meetings, special programs, and other after-school events. 

Due to the rigorous schedule and busy nature of the library classroom, we ask that set-up for after-school activities begins after the last class leaves at 2:35.  (Items for set-up may be stored in the Library workroom and brought in the back way without disrupting classes.  See the Library Secretary, Jill Lenaghan, to arrange.)  

Event planning:  Please verify dates for proposed afterschool Library use with both the Librarian and the Facilities Use Coordinator to avoid double booking.  Please designate someone responsible for set-up, clean-up and ensuring that library furniture is returned to its proper location.