Websites Approved for Class Use by Grade Level

    All The Right Type is our new keyboarding program. Your log in information will be the same as you use for your ChromeBooks.

    • ATRT
    • All Students in Grades 3 - 5 can continue working on their keyboarding skills using our All the Right Type program. If you our your child needs their login information, please contact Mrs. Huppmann at pam.huppmann@knoxschools.org

     CS FundamentalsCS Fundamentals: Express

    The link above is to a special computer science class set up for our students for this time during our school shut down. If you or your child would like to take part in it, please contact Mrs. Huppmann at pam.huppmann@knoxschools.org. I will enter your information into our class. I will also include siblings at the middle or high school if they would like to participate. 

        Kindergarten           1st Grade      
        4th Grade                 5th Grade       
    The True Size
    Hour of Code 2019
    MC Lesson 1 MC Lesson 2 MC Lesson 3     MineCraft #4
    The Grinch
    Hour of Code  
    Star Wars                      Frozen  
     Star Wars Lesson                                            Frozen Lesson    
    Java Script            
    Java Script - Hour of Code