• Cite Your Sources Citing Sources

    Citing sources can be confusing.   For examples, by grade level, click the following link: 

    Citation Examples by Grade Level



    Here are a few basics that can make this process easier:  


    1.  Taking notes:  Write source citation information with the notes you take from the source.  

    This keeps your facts and your citation information in the same place.

    2.  Follow the rubric: 

    Your teacher's rubric gives important information about style and number of sources you need.  

    3.  If the rubric does not provide citation formats (or there is no rubric):

    Pick a citation style (MLA or APA)

    Be consistent (use the same style for the entire bibliography/sources cited)

    4.  Check to see if your online sources cite themselves for you. 

    Most of the sources on the HVES Library website (Pebble Go, PebbleGo Next, Kids InfoBits, World Book Encyclopedia) will cite themselves for you.  

    5.  If you can't find the citation information for a book, specifically a book from our library:

    Check the Library Catalog. The Details tab on a book's catalog listing usually includes the 5 basic citation needs.