• 2016-2017 Knox County Schools Calendar

    Revision 6/1/2016
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    August 1 (Monday)First Day for Teachers – In-service Day (Building)
    August 2 (Tuesday)   Administrative Day (Teacher Work Day)
    August 3 (Wednesday)Administrative Day (Teacher Work Day)
    August 4 (Thursday)In-service Day (PreK-12 System-wide)
    August 5 (Friday) 
    In-service Day (1/2 day–School-based);
    Administrative Day (1/2 day–Teacher Work Day)
    August 8 (Monday) First Day for Students (1/2 day for students)  School Times

    September 5 (Monday) LABOR DAY – Holiday – Schools, Central Office Closed
    September 7End 4 1/2-weeks Grading Period
    September 17 (Saturday)Constitution Day

    October 7 (Friday)End First 9-weeks Grading Period
    October 10-14 (Monday-Friday)FALL BREAK

    November 8 (Tuesday)In-service Day (PreK-12 System-Wide)(Student Holiday)
    November 16 (Wednesday)End 4 1/2-weeks Grading Period
    November 23-25 (Wednesday-Friday)Thanksgiving Holidays

    December 22 (Thursday)End Second 9-weeks Grading Period (1/2 day for students)
    December 23 – January 5 (10 days)WINTER HOLIDAYS


    January 6 (Friday)In-service Day (1/2 day–School-based);
    Administrative Day (1/2 day–Teacher Work Day)(Student Holiday)
    January 9 (Monday)First Day for Students
    January 16 (Monday)Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – HOLIDAY – Schools, Central Office Closed

    February 8 (Wednesday)End 4 1/2-weeks Grading Period
    February 20 (Monday)In-service Day (Building) (Student Holiday)

    March 9 (Thursday)   End First 9-weeks Grading Period (Third 9-weeks Grading Period)
    March 10 (Friday)In-service Day (PreK-12 System-wide)(Student Holiday)
    March 13-17 (Monday-Friday)SPRING BREAK

    April 14 (Friday)Good Friday - Holiday
    April 19 (Wednesday)End 4 1/2-weeks Grading Period

    May 23 (Tuesday)Last Day for Students (1/2 day for students)
    End Second 9-weeks Grading Period  (Fourth 9-weeks Grading Period) 
    May 24 (Wednesday)Administrative Day (Teacher Work Day) – Last Day for Teachers

    Calendar Summary

    177  Instructional Days (excludes days earned through extended hours)
    4  Scheduled Administrative Days
    2  Unscheduled In-service Days
    1  Unscheduled Parent-Teacher Contact Hours (formerly Teacher-Parent Conference Day)
    6  Scheduled In-service Days
      10  Vacation Days
    200  Days Total

    Under this calendar, the Knox County Schools may cancel up to ten (10) instructional days due to inclement weather before any makeup days will be required.